As an international company in which we have developed more than 10 years experience in the purchase – sale of disposable diapers, we have managed to position itself as a leading Mexican companies in Latin America, our logistics service, attention personalized, efficient, and excellent product range and quality has enabled us to position ourselves as the best option.

We produce a wide range of services and products designed for you.

* Door in Door Services.
They allow us to deliver our product in your home, office and warehouse.

* Services EXW. 
This service allows the customer to pick up the goods in our warehouse.

* FOB Service
This service allows us to deliver our goods in the ship departure.


Dedicated to market disposable diaper for baby and adult prices, we open our doors to all providers, allowing them to distribute their products internationally and domestically, avoiding that they have diversified customers and overdue loans, whether as enabling them to expand their markets.

At the same time make us a strong and solid company in which trust and allows to offer our customers more variety of products.

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